SKHOOP [sko:p] was established in Åre, Sweden,  in 1999 by designer Sissi Kewenter who still runs the company today!

SKHOOP design and produce innovative and functional clothes and accessories, with excellent fit as well as great quality and colour. The so called “Åreskirt” is one of the products we have become most appreciated for since the launch in 1999. The first product that came out from SKHOOP was the insulated skirt. The insulated skirt has zippers on each side so you can use it as a ‘jacket’ for your legs and bum! 

Today our collection includes about 20 skirt models, and also jackets, merino wool base-layer garments, accessories and more - both for winter and summer. 

We have a real enthusiasm for what we do. Our passion for skiing and outdoor activities coupled with our drive to create unique and appreciated products for discerning people, makes it easy for us to develop new exciting collections!

 In and around the mountain area of Åre, we are able to cycle, hike and ski and at the same time try our unique products in the environment we love so much! All our things are tested on the mountain of Åre before they come out on the market. 

SKHOOP are currently represented in Finland, Greenland, Netherland, Norway (Swalbard) North America, Poland,  Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.  

We're here to help. If you need anything from us, contact us on FacebookTwitter or by email at eva@skhoop.co.uk

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