Information about our products

WR - Water repellent- this fabric is treated so rain does not go through shell fabric. Fabric can be reimpregnated. There are many good brands on the market you can use, we suggest Nikwax and

DWR -  Durable water repellent- this fabric is treated so rains does not go through shell fabric and keeps better then only the WR finish. Longer lasting finish.

W/P -  Water pressure- this is a measurement of the fabric water-proof function. The higher the figure, the better the water repellence.

MVP -  Moisture vapour permeability is how much the fabric breathes, that is the moisture transportation qualities of the fabric

CIRE - Cire fabrics is treated with a heat or wax process to make it smooth and a more durable feeling. Also more durable toward dirt and rain.

Down - SKHOOP down garments contain only ethically produced down and feathers, bi-products from meat production. No live plucking is carried out. As down is a delicate material, we recommend caring for it gently.  Wash your garment in low temperature and hang to dry overnight in a warm room.When the outer fabric is dry - shake the garment from all directions to avoid the down from clumping. You can put your down garment in the tumble dryer at low heat for 10-15 minutes to further distribute the feathers.  Let the garment hang again over night and repeat the process until the garment is perfectly dry and the down is fluffed up to original loft. Proper care will extend the life of your SKHOOP down garment. 

Wool - SKHOOP uses high quality wool yarn from renowned suppliers. We use wool from sheep that not has been exposed to mulesing. To keep your wool garment long lasting it is often enough to ”hang” the garment outside in the shade, (sun bleaches fast), instead of washing it. When garment needs washing use the wool program on the wash machine or wash by hand. We recommend drying wool garments flat on a towel. Lift the garment now and then and when it has started to dry remove towel.

Wool has a tendency to pill over time. You can easily remove the pills by using an inexpensive  pilling tool such as a Lint remover.

If you have any questions about any of the products please contact us.